SATURDAY, OCT. 28TH & SUNDAY, OCT. 29th 2023


Want to attend but the day and time doesn’t work for you?
Great news, our workshop recordings will be available until November 13th, 2023

Daggers - Description

Join Morganna for her 2 hour Daggers Technique workshop!

Attack moves and turns with daggers to use in dance.

Sequences. Adaptation of this element to tribal fusion choreographies.

*Equipment needed: two daggers or knives,
with the blade no longer than the hand.

**Intermediate Level – Some Dance Experience

Razor Sharp - Description

Join Belladonna for her 2 hour Razor Sharp workshop!

Join Belladonna for an all new double sword choreography workshop!

Inspired by the enigmatic intrigue of vampires, high society, masquerade balls and fangs!

Belladonna will lead dancers through a warm up, a breakdown of technique, elements of sword safety and a supernaturally inspired new series of moves and combinations, in her one of a kind signature Boho Blade vocabulary.

*Participants will benefit most if they have 2 swords appropriate for bellydance.

*Matching swords are encouraged but not required.

*Open handled grips such as the Cas hanwei, Baladay, Dervish are best for this technique

** If you Need a Sword you can BUY ONE HERE

The Bard - Description

Join Kamrah for his 2 hour The Bard workshop!

The Bard – Part of Kamrah’s RPG workshop series. Music lessons for dancers! Get a crash course in basic music structure, for those of us who frighten easily around numbers, and why it’s important to for dancers to know.

Don’t know the difference between harmony and melody?
Confused between saiidi and beledi rhythms? Music concepts for both Western and Arabic music will be presented.

This is primarily a lecture workshop, but improvisational dancing to concepts will be introduced.

*All Levels Welcome

Fierce Fanology - Description

Join Brenna for her 2 hour Fierce Fanology workshop!

In this workshop we’ll explore and play in the fierce and flowing energies that come along with a fan in hand!

After a brief lecture of the fascinating history of the fan, we’ll practice various handling techniques and put them together in a short choreography; the choreography will be based in belly dance movement and have a fusion flair to complement the fan.

Fused elements for the fan will be inspired by Flamenco, Ball Culture & Drag and Victorian Fan Language.

*Please bring any foldable hand fan. Open to all levels.

Hidden by the Moon - Description

Join Naimah for her 2 hour Hidden by the Moon workshop!

Often when we perform, our emotions hide behind choreography and technique. In the workshop we will undergo an emotional transformation using the concept of “tarab”.

Tarab is that indescribable feeling we get when we listen to music that amplifies our emotions, particularly with traditional forms of Arabic music. While Tarab is a deeply personal experience, we will use a particular song as an example to highlight techniques used to convey these feelings and stories through movement.

We will apply this to music we regularly listen to that bring us strong feelings of joy and pleasure.

**Open to all levels

Makeup Magic - Description

Join Shannon for her 2 hour Makeup Magic workshop!

Makeup Magic: Dive into Shannon’s more than 20 years of SFX makeup experience! In this workshop, students will learn tips and tricks for applying and painting prosthetic makeup used throughout the history of Hollywood.

Students will learn about two different types of prosthetic makeup pieces, how to choose them, how to apply them, blend them into the skin , and how to paint them to match your natural skin or body paint.

**Open to All Levels