The LunaChix

The Lunachix were born in 2013, when Jo Boring’s beginner belly dance class was touched by the light of a full moon. Life has since scattered them, but they remain closely connected through dance. What is it that has these women driving through the hills of upstate NY to rehearse together each week? Lunacy? Moonshine? Dedication to dance and each other? We say all of the above!

The Lunachix enjoy both the serious and the playful side of dance, and expressing themselves creatively. But perhaps most of all, they love how dance brings people together and they are committed to contributing to an inclusive dance community. The Lunachix are especially inspired by the dance, philosophies and teaching spirit of both Jill Parker and Amy Sigil.

The Lunachix are directed by Jo Boring, but truly every Luna contributes. Special acknowledgement to Rose, who is generous and brilliant with her choreographic input. The Lunachix enjoy creating original choreographies, as well as performing Hot Pot / Unmata style ITS.