SuperKate is a passionate and talented performer, instructor, and choreographer based in Lexington, KY. The love of theatre, dance, and music pushes her to higher levels of creativity. You can find her performing solo around the nation and internationally, in the duo Skella (with Belladonna), with Rakadu Dance (Lexington, KY), and Subee Djinn (Los Angeles, CA). She hopes others will be inspired by her passion and find their own voice and energy to give back to the world.

Teresa Tomb

Teresa Tomb is the artistic director for Rakadu and owner of Mecca Live Studio & Gallery in Lexington, KY. With over 20 years of dance under her hip belt, Teresa began her belly dance career studying cabaret and folkloric styles and then concentrated her study in tribal style belly dance, founding Rakadu along with fellow dance mates: Melissa Smyth and Lisa Duggins.Rakadu is best known for their rich musical diversity, highly explorative utilization of theater, and seamless improvisation.

Rakadu improvisation is the real-time metamorphoses of substance, technique and relationship. Through Teresa’s processes, trust, release, acceptance, and gratitude open the performer’s mind to possibility. The result is nothing less than obvious and intentional experience—which has created some amazing, timeless art.