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Lunalia Mini Photo Shoot

by: StereoVision

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Photo Shoot Information:

Come dressed and ready to pose at your selected time, we’ll shoot a variety of poses during your time slot and edit the 5-6 of your best poses. Additional edited photos can be purchased separately.

Photo sessions are $40 and your session can be reserved using this form. Payment is due the day of the shoot.

There are several different payment options, including Paypal, Credit Card, Venmo, Cash, or *Check. *Check payments must be made payable to Giancarlo Pizarro.

Your order includes up to 6 professionally edited high resolution photos, a private online gallery hosted on our photo hosting site for up to 1 year, and usage rights granted by Stereo Vision.

Your photos will be electronically delivered via online gallery as high resolution downloads. Depending upon volume sign-ups and subsequent editing, it is possible your gallery will be emailed approximately 3-4 weeks after the date of the event.

You may reproduce, print, or upload photos to websites with photo credit (Photo by Stereo Vision Photography). Editing with filters is restricted. Website link to www.stereovisionphotography.com is appreciated for photos published at websites.

We respectfully request that Instagram photo filters, or other filters that change the look of the photos are not used, as this does not reflect our work and quality.

PLEASE NOTE: Photos are available only to the individual(s) photographed and are not available for sale to others for profit.

Photos taken are stored, retained and on file with Stereo Vision Photography, 6481 Cheyenne Drive, Unit 201; Alexandria, VA 22312.


Host: Brenna Crowley

New York City, NY


Brenna Crowley is a dance artist, choreographer, instructor and producer based in NYC, performing and teaching locally and across the country.

Starting in 2004, her movement and choreographies are based in various MENAHT influenced dance forms and blended with continued studies in old way vogue, hip hop, street jazz, contemporary and flamenco. She has performed as a featured soloist, as a member of Sera Solstice’s Solstice Ensemble, as part of many collaborations including Mirapiece Theater, The Pop-Up Project, and companies directed by Dalia Carella, Danielle Hutton, Altagracia, and Ayshe as well as her own collective, Zilla Dance Ensemble.

Currently teaching at Bellyqueen, she has also taught for Serena Studios, Solstice Studio and Ailey Extension, and at large scale dance events such as Art of the Belly, Raven’s Night, Lumen Obscura and Roxy and Dukes. Partnering with founder Giselle BellydanceNYC, they co-produce the theatrical dance events, the Witching Hour Boo-tique and Baile Noir. She also partnered with founder Danielle Hutton to co-produce A Choreographers Vision: Love Letters 2.

She is also an ambassador for the dance clothing company D. Webb Designs.

IG: @brennzilla


DJ Missguided


DJ Missguided

A member of FYM Productions, MissGuided is a resident DJ at their colossally popular events: 80’s Mayhem, Cryfest (Cure vs Smiths), Depeche Mode Dance Party, and New Order Dance Party.


Columbia, Md & Leonardtown, Md


Curve Conscious Clothing, Accessories, Workshops & Special Events!

The Boutique by ShimmySista specializes in plus size “Curve Conscious” clothing and accessories for women who crave something different.  We search the world to bring a unique collection of pieces you won’t find anywhere else.  Some of our jewelry comes from local designers.

Inventory changes regularly at our two retail locations, so you’ll always find something new–never boring!

In addition to selling clothing, ShimmySista hosts a variety of workshops and events designed to help you live a beauti-full life!

TWO Retail Locations!
Columbia, Md
Leonardtown, Md



Northern Virginia


Firefly consists of Taraneh and Boudica, who met while performing as part of the Bohemian Bellydance family.

They can be found dancing at haflas and festivals throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, typically with swords in hand, but sometimes changing it up with skirts or FCBD-influenced improv.

Osiris Dance

Phoenix, AZ


Osiris dance has been sharing their eclectic dance stylings with the Phoenix Valley for over ten years. With a foundation of Egyptian Cabaret, Osiris blends belly dance with other genres, including American Tribal, Bollywood, Hip Hop, and Experimental dance forms.

They love to not only incorporate numerous and sometimes unconventional props to their dance, but also thrive on adding theatricality to their pieces by bringing stories to life through movement, costuming, music, and expression.

With over 20 years of combined dance experience, Osiris members, Diosa and Katara perform and teach workshops at festivals and events throughout the country including Raven’s Night 2020, the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention, The Phoenix Comicon/Fan Fest, film premieres, Phoenix Rising, Amethyst Dance Festival, and more. In addition, Osiris was awarded “Top Tribal Fusion Professional Troupe” and “Top Oriental Professional Troupe” from Amethyst Dance Festival 2020.


Northern VA


Kestrel is a Fusion Belly Dancer in Northern Virginia. A life-long dancer, she loves exploring the roots of dance, culture, and expression throughout the world. Her belly dance journey began in the 90’s training in Cabaret and then Fat Chance Belly Dance improvisational style.

With the emergence of Fusion Belly Dance style in the early 2000’s she found her artistic passion and studied with Belladonna and the Bohemian Belly Dance community for ten years. She is a Bohemian Belly Dance Certified Teacher and is pursuing certification in Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements program.

She currently studies technique and fusing early American Jazz and North African Folk styles with Mardi Love.

Sako Tumi

Richmond, VA

Sako Tumi

Sako Tumi started her dance journey over twenty years ago. She integrates poi props to a myriad of bellydance styles blended into fusion.

As a member of the Dance Gathering Alumni based out of Richmond, VA, she has experience dancing in front of a crowd, and adding a theatrical element to her dance.

You can find her on the internet at https://psychosako.wixsite.com/sakodances.


Brooklyn, NY


Undine is a proud Queer Mesoamerican living in Brooklyn, NY.  They are a student, dancer, and instructor of movement who combines artistry, full-body storytelling, musicality, witchcraft, and hunger for movement into their work.  They came to dance as an adult in order to cope with physical illness and body betrayal.  Dance has been their vehicle for regaining mobility and relearning their body and mind.  Undine studies and blends dance styles from the MENAHT region with cross-discipline practice in Broadway style jazz, ballet, contemporary, and burlesque.  Whether performing community dance or on the stage, Undine pours their heart into the complete and intense expression of emotion through dance.

Undine performs as a solo artist and has been a member of White Rose Collective, Solstice Student Troupe, Orbital Cortege, and The Sharquettes.  They have crossed various stages including Rakkasah East, Spring Caravan, BrASS Burlesque, Art of the Belly, and Bellyqueen Showcase.  Undine is a newly minted dance instructor via Bellyqueen and Certified Level 2 Bohemian Blade Dancer.*

Stevie Kamai

Munich, Germany

Stevie Kumai

Stevie Kamai is an accomplished Tribal and Fusion belly dancer living in Munich, Germany. She has danced since the age of 7, growing up with Hula and various Polynesian dances. In 2010, she discovered the Bohemian Bellydance family in Washington, DC.

After several years of study, she joined the dance troupes Dashkhaleen, then Kihavalla under the direction of Belladonna of Bohemian Bellydance, and is a level 4 certified Bohemian sword dancer.

She has performed in several festivals such as Art of the Belly, East Coast Classic, and Spring Caravan. Among local bellydance and variety shows, Stevie has performed at Raven’s Night with Belladonna, opened for Bellydance Superstars with Dashkhaleen, and danced in student shows by Belladonna, and Born 2 Dance Studio.