Thank you for attending Raven’s Night!

Saturday, Oct. 16th, 2021

Join us as Raven’s Night casts its spell, at the Birchmere!

“Coven” refers to a group or gathering of witches.
Let us gather.
This year Raven’s Night is bringing together magical, mystical, and powerful performers to create a live, in-person event like no other. Each artist is a creative force and together we can create an evening more incredible than anything we have been able to achieve alone. We are calling on our audience, patrons, and supporters to join us. Bring your energy, your enthusiasm, and your beautiful self to this one-night-only event. We all know that incredible feeling that one can experience at a live event. That Kefi, where the energy is so great that you know you are in the right place at the right time. You know there is nowhere else you would rather be.

This year our show explores the many archetypes of witches, wizards, and magic users. Of crones, maidens, and healers. Of warlocks, mages, and power users. We will bring our powers together for a magical night. Each performance will bring you a theatrical spectacle exploring the esoteric arts. If you love Halloween, and the occult, if you love stormy nights and the season where the veil is thin, if you love astrology, palmistry, tarot, and divination then this event is for you!

Raven’s Night is proud to partner with this fine folks!


D Webb Designs
3 Stars Brewing Company
Eighties Mayhem
StereoVision Photography
Picture Lock Films
Soul Armor
Bohemian Belly Dance
Cielo Productions