Maia Alexandra

Buffalo, NY

Maia Alexandra is a professional Bellydancer and Fire Entertainer based in Buffalo, New York. With highlights including teaching for Rakkasah Spring Caravan, the Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive, Art of the Belly Festival, Waking Persephone, being a featured performer for Unmata’s Blood Moon Regale, and holding the 2010 “Ms International Ambassador of Bellydance”, her enchanting and unusual style is beloved by audiences everywhere she entertains.

Her movement training spans over three decades and is extremely diverse, including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hula Hoop, and Modeling as a Modern PinUp as well as her love for Oriental Dance. Along with her dance partner Kadri, Maia is Co-creator of Darkly Sparkly, a stunning duet driven by mutual respect, chocolate chip cookies, darkwave, and the Muppets.