Richmond, VA

Our Salon Luniare Live Show Band
Showtime: 6:30pm / Main Hall

MAHARAL is a mainstream performance group created in February 2010 in Richmond, VA. Brett Zwerdling plays the saz (traditional Turkish lute), drums, sax, and piano. Arroh Meuse performs modern and traditional bellydance, aerial dance, designs choreography, and plays singing bowls, davul and djembe.

Original music melds traditional Middle Eastern, Israeli / Jewish, Turkish, and Egyptian styles with decidedly western influences creating what has been described as a very high energy “Zeppelinesque” sound.

MAHARAL shows are fast becoming known for their dramatic and moving pieces that combine music, dance, storytelling, history, and theatre to create a truly unique concert experience.

MAHARAL produces the “Together in Tolerance” concert series at the Virginia Holocaust Museum and has performed in the Peace in the Middle East concert series, Pennsic War festival, Fertile Ground Gathering festival, Qaina, Art of the Belly, The Firehouse Theatre Project, The Living Well, Voix De Ville Follies, VCU Intercultural Festival, Mirage Caravan EDNF benefit, Darbukastani Independence Days festival, Tribal Delight, Blue Ridge Beltane, Shenandoah Midsummers, Gnarnia Music Festival, Maryland Faerie Festival, FaerieCon, and the New York Faerie Festival.