Jenna Shear

Positivity with Purpose

Sunday, Oct. 22nd – 2pm
90 Minute Workshop

Has your dance practice fallen into a funk? Do you lack motivation to attend class or practice at home? Do your latest solos feel stagnant and uninspired?

Well, we have good news: You don’t have to feel this way!

You CAN rediscover the wonder and amazement you felt when you first found bellydance, and with the help of purposeful positivity, you can continuously renew those feelings and find unending solace in your dance practice.

In this class, Jenna (a converted positivity-skeptic) will share her experiences on the path of positivity and invite you to explore new methods together. Through a mixture of movement, journaling, and other creative exercises, we’ll develop a personalized tool box that will jumpstart your journey back to a joyful dance practice and help you maintain your dance high for the long haul.

This workshop is designed to leave you feeling uplifted, thoughtful, and open to new solutions. Join us to see what positivity can do for you!

All Levels

Raven’s Night Workshop – $55 Each

Tickets available at the door. Please arrive 15 minutes before class time to register.