Washington, DC

Dalgali is a professional troupe in the DC area with a diverse background. The members of Dalgali have been dancing with each other for a little over ten years and have also been members in other well known DC dance troupes. Their experience and inspiration for choreography, artistic vision and in performing, has come from Cabaret, Tribal, Fusion and Gothic Belly Dance. Dalgali, which is a Turkish word that means curvy, bending, wiggly or squiggly was decided, by the Dalgali dancers, that it was a perfect name for the the new troupe. Dalgali formed in 2014 with the intent to form an eclectic troupe, combining styling, technique and character from each dancer’s unique background in dance. It has worked out quite delightfully.


The dancers in Dalgali are: Adriane Whalen, Morana Gin, Kelsey Wharton (Talon), Ya Meena (Billie), Shaell and Sally Cinch.

Dalgali’s 2016 Raven’s Night Performance