Brenna Crowley

Silken Constrictor

Sunday, Oct. 22nd – 2pm
90 Minute Workshop

Veil work usually compliments a dance with floating shapes that breathe around the dancer’s body. Time to get a little “wrapped up”.

Let’s explore different ways of expression with our familiar friend, or foe, depending on the day.

We’ll begin with a movement flow of isolations, layering and traveling and explore the presence of your prop in your surrounding space with different techniques.

We will then take some of these movements and delve into a short choreography, where the dynamics and elements used can be applied and/or reinterpreted for your own personal practice.

Please bring a 3 yard chiffon veil, as you need the heavier fabric.

All Levels

Raven’s Night Workshop – $55 Each

Tickets available at the door. Please arrive 15 minutes before class time to register.