Leave Them Wanting More

Sunday, Oct. 22nd – 10am
90 Minute Workshop

Great performers have the ability to captivate a room. They can transfix an audience and make time seem to stand still.

Known for her entrancing stage presence and powerful presentation, Belladonna knows that these qualities take more than drilling and exercises in expression.

She believes in the balance of being an entertainer and a technician.  This unanimously requested workshop will focus on teaching you how to project your energy field, how to connect with your audience and how to use the space to work the room.  Participants will break down internal barriers and light an inner fire. We will explore the use of eye contact, the use of space, being present, and play with exercises in confidence and connection.

We all aspire to put our best performances out there, and Belladonna hopes to help you learn to leave them wanting more!

All Levels

Raven’s Night Workshop – $55 Each

Tickets available at the door. Please arrive 15 minutes before class time to register.